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Fully Encapsulating Chemical Protective Suit For Firefighter Gas Tight Suits

1. Material: PVC

2. Color: Red/Blue

3. Feature: Acid and alkali resistance corrosion resistance

4. Advantage: Gas-tight 100%

5. Packing QTY: 1PCS/Suitcase, 1Suitcase/Carton
Price: 325 / Carton
Packing QTY:

  • RFH-01
  • 62101090.20
Product Description

Basic Info.

1. Product Name: Chemical Protective Fire Fighting Clothing

2. Product Description:

It is a protective clothing worn by firefighters to protect themselves from dangerous chemicals or corrosive substances when conducting fire fighting and rescue operations on fire sites and accident sites with dangerous chemicals and corrosive substances

3. Referenced Pictures:

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4. Product Range: 

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