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How does medical protective clothing protect you?

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In the medical industry, medical protective clothing is an indispensable equipment, which can effectively protect medical personnel from being infected by viruses or bacteria. Not only to protect the health of medical staff, but also to protect the health of patients. Especially during the epidemic, medical protective clothing plays an important role. medical protective clothing is also known to more and more people. How does medical protective clothing protect you?This article will tell you the answer and help you better understand medical protective clothing.


This article contains the following:

  • Where can we make use of medical protective clothing

  • The design of medical protective clothing makes it protective

  • Precautions for the use of medical protective clothing


1. Where can we make use of medical protective clothing

There is no doubt that medical protective clothing is one of the tools to effectively prevent the infection of germs. It is found in many places in the hospital. But now because of the epidemic, more staff are also wearing medical protective clothing for epidemic prevention work. medical protective clothing has a wide range of uses.


It is stipulated that when clinical medical staff are in contact with patients with Class A or infectious diseases managed by Class A infectious diseases, they need to wear medical protective clothing. The patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, and excrement may be splashed on medical staff, which can infect the medical staff. Some infectious diseases are spread by air or by droplets, posing great safety risks to medical staff and staff. We know that COVID-19 is extremely contagious. Therefore, it is very important to protect workers who are in close contact with patients or people with huge flow of people. In addition to medical staff in hospitals, we can see staff wearing medical protective clothing in public places with huge traffic such as airports and stations. If you need to see a patient with an infectious disease, the hospital will require you to wear medical protective clothing before you can visit the patient. medical protective clothing can effectively protect people's health and avoid bacterial infections.


2. The design of medical protective clothing makes it protective

So, why can medical protective clothing effectively protect people's health and prevent people from being infected with germs? This is related to the design of medical protective clothing.

medical protective clothing is made of special materials. So it is strong and durable, has good tear resistance and abrasion resistance. And considering that the staff have to wear medical protective clothing for a long time, it has good breathability. The staff is comfortable to wear. medical protective clothing is also very light, lint-free, and has good anti-static properties. The surface of medical protective clothing is smooth, inorganic liquid cannot stay on its surface, and solid dust cannot easily adhere to its surface. Because the surface of medical protective clothing is treated with a special coating, it can effectively isolate germs and prevent them from entering the human body through the respiratory tract or skin.



3. Precautions for medical protective clothing

We already know that medical protective clothing is an effective and useful protective tool. There are many medical protective clothing on the market, and we need to make careful choices.

medical protective clothing adopts one-piece style, which can cover all the clothes and exposed skin of the staff. Protection is the most important performance requirement of medical protective clothing. medical protective clothing should be able to prevent the penetration of water, blood, alcohol and other liquids, and have a hydrophobicity of level 4 or higher to avoid staining clothes and the human body. The microbial barrier of medical protective clothing includes the barrier to bacteria and viruses. The particulate matter barrier property of medical protective clothing refers to the ability to prevent viruses that spread through the air from being inhaled in the form of aerosol or attached to the skin surface and absorbed by the body.So when you buy medical protective clothing, you can pay attention to these points.



The above is all the content of this article, I hope this article can help you have a better understanding of medical protective clothing. We are an experienced manufacturer that can provide you with high-quality medical protective clothing, medical face mask, and disposable face mask. Welcome to contact us.We will be the choice you won't regret.


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