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How important is using baby diaper to your baby's health?

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Recently, untrue reports about baby diapers are often seen in some newspapers, such as affecting the healthy development of the reproductive system of male babies. Parents were panicked and worried about this, and they couldn't help asking: Can babies use baby diapers?

A large number of studies have shown that baby diapers can bring significant benefits to infants’ skin and promote their growth and development compared to traditional diapers. I’d like to show you three benefits of baby diapers.

Baby diaper reduces the incidence of infant diaper rash.

A large number of scientific studies have shown that baby diapers can keep the baby's skin dry and effectively avoid excessive moisture caused by long-term contact between the skin and the urine in the diaper, and moisture is often the first and most important factor that induces diaper rash. Humidity makes the skin more susceptible to abrasion and irritation, and is conducive to the growth of germs. The extraordinary water absorption of disposable diapers can prevent moisture from contacting the skin. The results of a number of clinical trials have shown that the use of baby diapers with good water absorption properties can reduce the incidence of infant diaper rash.

Baby diaper provides baby a comfortable growth environment.

Baby diapers can provide a more hygienic growth environment for babies, because it can reduce the spread and pollution of bacteria in the feces more than traditional diapers. The survey results show that in the toys and daily necessities of babies who use diapers, fecal bacteria are better than traditional diapers. Of babies are much less. Moreover, it can effectively prevent urine and stool leakage. Only one in 100,000 diapers has a small amount of leakage, while 50% of traditional diapers show serious leakage.

Baby diaper prevent baby from waking in night.

Dampness is one of the most common reasons for babies to wake up at night. Research data shows that the use of high-quality baby diapers with strong water absorption and low re-penetration can provide babies with an environment where the buttocks skin is sufficiently dry, so that the babies will not always feel damp and uncomfortable, thus reducing the risk of wet urine. The number of awakenings and sleep time are longer than those of babies using traditional diapers, which helps babies sleep more sweetly. Good sleep plays a key role in the development of the baby’s body and brain. It not only promotes the secretion of growth hormone, but is also necessary for the maturation of the brain and the process of learning and memory after birth. Reduced sleep has an impact on the structure of the brain. It has an impact on the function and can reduce the resistance to infection, easily irritated, lack of concentration, uncooperative, difficult to nurture, and even developmental delay; at the same time, it can also enhance the compliance of the developing visual cortex and interact with endocrine functions. There is a close connection, the latter can maintain the body's organs in a stable and stable state, promote the growth and repair of tissues, and respond to tension and pressure.

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