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How to apply the mask scientifically?

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Many people like to apply facial masks, which benefits the facial skin a lot. However, some people do not know how to apply the mask scientifically. If the method of applying the mask is not correct, the effect may be counterproductive. In order to give you a better understanding of how to apply a facial mask correctly, I will expand on three techniques for applying a facial mask below.


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What is the correct order of applying the facial mask?

What are the precautions for using the facial mask?

What are the effects of face care?

What is the correct order of applying the facial mask?

1. Before applying the facial mask, clean the skin of the face thoroughly. If the face is not thoroughly cleansed, the dust particles in the pores, radiation residues, polluted dust in the air environment, oil metabolites and other factors can easily induce acne.

2. Then, in order to have a better effect when applying face care, you can wet the face with a hot towel for three minutes to open the pores and facilitate the absorption of the essence.

3. If you are using a patch mask, pay attention to the conformability of the facial mask and don't make an exaggerated expression after applying it. If you are using a cream mask, apply the mask in order from bottom to top, on the neck, jaw, cheeks, nose, lips, and forehead. Your eyes, eyebrows, upper and lower lip areas should not apply the mask. It is best to start with the T-shaped area, which is easy to dry, and the U area at the end.

4. 15-20 minutes is enough. Start from the edge of the film and slowly remove it from the bottom up. Generally speaking, when the facial mask dries, it will cause the skin to tighten and wrinkles are prone to appear, so you must pay attention to the time when applying the mask. After applying the frozen and cream masks, it is necessary to wash them off with water. Make sure that there is no remaining mask on the face before proceeding to the next step of skincare.

5. After washing your face, you can use a cold towel to cover your face. This can shrink the pores and prevent the pores from becoming larger after finishing the mask. This is also the last step in the skincare work of the mask.

6. After removing the facial mask, massage the face with your fingertips to promote the absorption of the essence from the skin, then wash off the residue on the face with clean warm water, and apply moisturizing and moisturizing skin care products such as water lotion for follow-up maintenance. If you are applying a cleansing or exfoliating mask, you must remember to do astringent steps to avoid skin injury.

What are the precautions for using the facial mask?

1.Evening is the golden time for skin beauty. At this time, the metabolism is strong and the cell vitality can make the beauty essence work better. Thus, you are supposed to apply face care at night.

2. Sensitive skin should not be applied for a too long time, 3 to 5 minutes will be fine for the first time.

3. You’d better test if you can apply the facial mask. Before using the mask, you'd better test whether you will have an allergic reaction to this mask. You can apply the essence of the mask on your hands for half an hour to observe whether there are acne or other adverse reactions.

What are the effects of face care?

The facial mask can moisturize, whiten, cleanse and help repair damaged skin. There are many types of masks, and different types of masks have different functions. One of the most common facial masks is a moisturizing facial mask, which provides a closed environment for the face after being applied to the face to increase the water content of the stratum corneum. The second is a whitening mask, which adds whitening and other effects on the basis of a moisturizing mask. Generally, a functional mask does not need to be cleaned after application, otherwise, the corresponding effect will not be achieved. Cleansing mask, the main function of this mask is to remove the oil on the face, and partly it also has the function of accelerating the metabolism of the face and exfoliating the keratin.


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