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 How to correctly understand the mask?

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Some people say that applying a facial mask has no effect at all, because the essence in the mask not only cannot be absorbed by the body but also promotes the multiplication of bacteria on the face. This has proved to be a rumor. The existence of the outermost stratum corneum of our skin and the physiological processes of the cells themselves determine that macromolecular substances such as proteins cannot be absorbed by the cells in the skin.  Face care does have moisturizing, whitening, and blackhead removal effects. Regular brand masks will add ingredients that have antibacterial effects, which generally will not cause excessive bacteria to multiply. Self-made masks have hidden dangers in this regard. So, how to correctly understand face care?


Here is the list of the article:

What’s the benefit of face care?

What is the working principle of the facial mask?

Why are some facial masks ineffective?


What’s the benefit of face care?

What the facial mask can do is to provide sufficient moisture to the skin, especially the stratum corneum, and promote the repair of the skin barrier. Don't underestimate this thin stratum corneum. Only when it has a complete structure and a balance of water and oil can the skin exert its maximum physiological function, block the invasion of microorganisms and allergens, and prevent the evaporation of internal water. Therefore, moisturizing facial masks, including high-efficiency moisturizers, have good skincare effects.


What is the working principle of the mask?

The facial mask covers the stratum corneum of the skin, provides moisture to the stratum corneum, fully hydrates the stratum corneum, and improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin. Face care contains moisturizers and softeners, and at the same time has a sealing effect, which can reduce the loss of water from the skin, soften the stratum corneum, and promote the absorption of active ingredients through the skin.

During the drying process when moisture is evaporating, the facial mask will cause the skin to shrink appropriately, and the sealing effect will temporarily increase the skin temperature and promote blood circulation.

In the process of peeling off or washing off the partially peeled or wash-off mask, it can remove dead skin on the face and dirt on the skin surface, and has a certain cleansing effect.


Why are some facial masks ineffective?

Many people wonder why I apply the facial mask every day as required, and insist on applying the facial mask, but I don't see the actual effect? If the above situation occurs, on the one hand, it is possible that you have bought fake products, on the other hand, this mask is not suitable for you and cannot have a targeted effect on your skin. It is recommended that you know what kind of skin you belong to before using the facial mask and choose a facial mask that suits you.


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