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How to learn about baby diaper?

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Almost all parents now use baby diapers for their babies, which not only protects the delicate skin of the babies but also provides convenience for the parents. Super absorbent resin (short for polymer SAP) is an excellent material for making baby diapers. It is made of starch and acrylate as the main raw materials. The outstanding feature of "diapers" is the surprisingly large capacity of water absorption and storage. The absorption of normal saline is 40-60 times of its own weight, and the absorption of purified water is 50-100 times of its own weight. Therefore, children do not have to worry about diapering their trousers. The urine will be "drunk" by it, commonly known as "diapers." However, for some parents who are taking care of their babies for the first time, they don’t know how to use baby diapers. Thus, I will expand on the baby diaper next.


How to change diapers for your baby?

Parents need to wash their hands with clean water and soapy water before changing diapers to avoid bacterial contamination.

Prepare clean diapers, disinfected toilet paper, wet tissues, warm water, and clean dry towels.

Let the baby lie flat on the bed, untie the old diapers, and then hold the baby’s ankles with your hands, gently lift the baby’s legs and buttocks, and remove the old diapers.

Rinse the buttocks with clean warm water. If the baby just urinates, you can also wipe it with a wet tissue; if it is a stool, you need to wipe the buttocks with toilet paper and wet tissue first, then rinse with warm water, and finally dry the buttocks.

Open the new diaper, place it under the baby's buttocks, stick both sides of the waist firmly, and put the parents' hands between the waist of the diaper to test whether it is too loose or too tight.

What are the advantages of baby diapers?

If traditional diapers are used improperly, diaper rash is most likely to occur. Diaper rash is a common skin disease in infants, and its main cause is direct contact between urine and skin. The main way to prevent diaper rash is to avoid direct contact of urine and feces with the skin. Traditional diapers cannot do this, but baby diapers can.

Dry baby diapers can keep mothers and babies sleeping all night, which is not only beneficial to the development of the baby's brain, but also allows the mother to have sufficient energy for early education and intellectual development of the baby.

As the baby grows older, the number of activities increases, and the range of activities increases. Choosing a comfortable and close-fitting baby diaper will allow the baby to play comfortably and freely explore the world.

How to choose baby diapers for your baby?

It can be used as a purchase indicator based on the following characteristics:

Material. Easy-to-use baby diapers should be light and soft, with soft edges, and will not irritate or scratch the skin.

Absorb water. When the urine is wet, the liner can absorb the urine in it, and it can still keep dry when it comes in contact with the skin.

Three-dimensional protective enclosure. Today's baby diapers have a three-dimensional protective enclosure to ensure that there is no side leakage. When choosing a diaper, check whether the elastic band used in the three-dimensional protective enclosure is thin enough and elastic enough, otherwise, it will strangle the baby's skin and may cause urine side leakage.

Elastic waist. In addition to the material, the fit is a very important consideration. Parents must choose the right size according to the size of the baby's butt. The elastic waist will make the diapers closer to the baby and prevent back leakage.

Tape. The stickiness should be strong, and it is best to repeat the pasting; in addition, the tearing sound should not be too loud, so as not to scare the sleeping baby; it should not be too hard, otherwise, it will easily scratch the baby.

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