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How to prevent medical gloves from infecting virus

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Medical gloves usually appear in more professional places, such as hospitals, dentists, laboratories, and other places that require high hygiene. The correct use and wearing of medical gloves can play a very good protective effect. Since we don't often use medical gloves in our lives, we don't know much about it. Let us take a look at what are the precautions in the use of medical gloves?


Can medical gloves prevent the virus?

Disposable gloves are a type of gloves made of crushed rubber or film. They can be used to prevent external viruses. They have a certain barrier effect and can avoid direct contact with viruses to the greatest extent. However, when using disposable gloves It is necessary to pay attention to standard and reasonable use to avoid cross-infection. It is recommended to put the used gloves in a special trash can and wash your hands with hand sanitizer. In addition, avoid direct contact with outer clothing during use.


There are many kinds of disposable PVC gloves on the market, such as disposable plastic gloves , disposable rubber gloves, disposable nitrile gloves, etc., but not all gloves are useful for preventing viruses. For example, disposable PVC gloves are not included. Disposable PVC gloves are thin and easily damaged during use, therefore, they are not recommended for virus protection and more suitable for daily cleaning and cleaning. Nitrile gloves or rubber gloves are generally recommended. They are more common in clinical practice and have Wear-resistant characteristics, good anti-virus effect.


Why medical nitrile gloves can better block the virus?

1. Nitrile latex material has excellent stretchability, and medical nitrile gloves are more puncture-resistant and wear-resistant. Medical staff fighting on the front line can wear them every day to prevent virus infections more effectively.

2. The material of nitrile latex is fine, and it has a high degree of fit and light flexibility. The medical staff will not affect the touch of the fingertips when wearing it, ensuring more efficient medical work.

3. The nitrile latex material has excellent durability, chemical resistance and oil resistance. It can be used for a longer time and can effectively and continuously protect front-line medical staff.


Precautions on the correct use of medical gloves

1. Medical gloves should be changed between patients with different diagnosis and treatment. 

2. After the operation is completed, remove the medical gloves and wash your hands in accordance with the prescribed procedures and methods. Wearing medical gloves cannot replace hand washing, and disinfect your hands if necessary.  

3. When medical gloves are found to be damaged during operation, they should be replaced in time.  

4. When wearing sterile medical gloves, prevent contamination of the gloves.


The above is the content of medical gloves organized for everyone, I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about medical gloves , you can pay attention to LANYI! We will not only solve your doubts, but also provide you with high-quality goods and services.



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