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How to put on and take off medical protective clothing correctly?

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Because of the outbreak of the epidemic, medical protective clothing has entered people’s field of vision as an effective protective tool. Now, more and more people know about medical protective clothing, but do you know the correct way to use medical protective clothing? The correct use method can make medical protective clothing play its role and protect people's health. This article will teach you how to properly put on and take off medical protective clothing and tell you some precautions about it.


  • Put on medical protective clothing correctly.

  • Remove medical protective clothing correctly.

  • The precautions for medical protective clothing you need to know



1. Put on medical protective clothing correctly

First, before putting on medical protective clothing, you need to choose the most suitable medical protective clothing according to your body type. Open the packaging of medical protective clothing in a sanitary and clean area and prepare to wear it. Please note that you need to face the hood of the medical protective clothing toward you and the opening upward. Because medical protective clothing is generally designed in one piece, you need to pull the zipper to the right position first, and open the neck of the medical protective clothing. You need to wear the lower body first, then the upper limbs, and pull its zipper to the chest. The last step is to put on the one-piece cap of the medical protective clothing, and then pull the zipper that stays on the chest to the top of the clothing and stick the neckline sticker. If necessary, you can wear other protective products. After wearing it, you need to check the suitability and tightness of the protective clothing. If there is a problem, replace the medical protective clothing in time.


2. Remove medical protective clothing correctly

Taking off the medical protective clothing requires you to be careful and careful, because the used medical protective clothing has been exposed to a lot of bacteria. If you do not remove the medical protective clothing correctly, you may also be infected by germs.


First you need to take off the goggles. Pinch the outer edge of one side of the goggles, take them off, and put them in the disinfection bucket. You need to untie the outer shoe cover tie, take off the left and right outer shoe covers or rubber shoes in turn, and put them in the yellow dirt bucket. Next you need to take off medical protective clothing. In the first step, you need to uncover the sealing tape, pull the zipper of the medical protective suit to the end, and pull the one-piece cap upwards with both hands to get the cap off the head. Grasp the shoulders on both sides of the medical protective clothing with both hands, and drop the protective clothing below the shoulders. Please note that you need to pinch the edge of the contaminated surface of the right-hand medical glove with your left hand to take off the glove. Then enter the inner surface of the left glove with your right hand and take off the medical glove. Both hands came out of the sleeves of medical protective clothing. Then grab the inner surface of the medical protective clothing with both hands, and roll it off from the inside to the outside, from top to bottom, until the medical protective clothing is completely taken off. Finally, roll up the medical protective clothing and the outer gloves wrapped in it and put them in a yellow dirt bucket.


3. The precautions for medical protective clothing you need to know

First of all, due to the particularity of medical protective clothing, after taking off the medical protective clothing, you must abide by the relevant regulations to dispose of the medical protective clothing that can no longer be used. After taking off the protective clothing, you should wrap the side that is in contact with the outside world to avoid further contamination. You need to pay attention to check the integrity of medical protective clothing, such as whether the surface is contaminated, and whether there are cracks in the stitching, so as not to affect the protective function due to damage to the protective clothing during work.


The above is all the content of this article, I hope this article can help you have a better understanding of medical protective clothing. We are an experienced manufacturer that can provide you with quality medical protective clothing, surgical face mask, N95 protective mask. Welcome to contact us.


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