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Industrial Full Body Fire Prevention Protection Heat Suit

Industrial Full Body Fire Prevention Protection Heat Suit
Price: 54.35 / Set

Product Description

A. Definition:

Heat Protection Suit (also, fire proximity suit, silvers, silver bunker suit, or asbestos suit) is a suit designed to protect a firefighter or volcanologist from extremely high temperatures. They were first designed and used in the 1930s. Originally made of asbestos fabric, current models use vacuum-deposited aluminized materials.


B. Types: There are three basic types of these aluminized suits:

1. Approach Suit—used for work in the general area of high temperatures such as steel mills and smelting facilities. These usually provide ambient heat protection up to ≈200°F (93 °C).


2. Proximity Suit—used for aircraft rescue and fire fighting (AR-FF) and, in more heavily insulated versions, for kiln work requiring entry into the heated kiln. The former provide ambient heat protection up to ≈500 °F (260 °C), while the latter provide much higher degrees of protection, sometimes up to ≈2,000°F (1,093 °C)


3. Entry Suit—used for entry into extreme heat and situations requiring protection from total flame engulfment. Most commonly made of Zetex or Vermiculite and not aluminized. These provide ambient protection up to ≈2,000°F (1,093 °C)) for short duration[1], and prolonged radiant heat protection up to ≈1,500°F (816 °C ).


Our company mainly produce proximity suits which are designed for performance of maintenance and repairs in high heat areas. Workers wearing these protective clothing can be protected from damage that may come into contact with hot liquids, steam or hot steam


C. Specification:

- Reflectivity: wavelength 400-1000mm

- Refraction:70%

- Diffuse:40%                                                                    

- Flame-retardant Time≤10s                            

- Tearing strength 1000g/cm                           

- Peel strength: 12N/50mm


D. Materials:

- Aluminum foil composite flame retardant fabric

- Moisture / steam barrier lining   


E. Features:

- Resistant of high temperature, soft material, waterproof

- Resistance to Ambient temperatures up to 1000°C for short periods 



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