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Kitchen Household Disposable Gloves For Cleaning

1. Type: Disposable sanitary products

2. Material: Plastic

3. Feature: Ecp-frendly, biodegradable

4. Color: uniclor

5. Size: Xs, M, XL, orr as required

6. Thinckness: 0.012-0.018mm

7. Packing QTY: 100Pcs/Bag, 10000Pcs/Carton
Price: 26.25 / Bag
Packing QTY:

  • VGL06
  • 3926201900
Product Description

Basic Info.

1. Product Name: Household disposable gloves for kitchen

2. Advantage: 

   2.1 Ambidextrous for each hand

   2.2 Great stretchability

   2.3 Excellent soft touch grip surface

   2.4 Economical alternative to vinyl gloves

3. Features:

   3.1 Extra light weight and small volume for storage

   3.2 Excellent and tactile sense, Ultra soft % strong

   3.3 Tiny textured for improved grip

   3.4 Powder-free

   3.5 Plasticizer free, phthalate free, protein free

   3.6 Eco-friendly

   3.7 Food safe, suitable for handing all foodstuffs in economic solution

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