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Multi Purpose Disposable Pvc Household Cleaning Gloves

1. Usage: Cleaning, food processing/Examination/Protection

2. Material: Latex

3. Function: Anti-scretch, heat insulation, anti-static, wear proof

4. Outer Material: Latex

5. Packing QTY: 100Pcs/Box, 20Boxes/Carton
Price: 6.25 / Bag
Packing QTY:

  • CV31
  • 4015190000
Product Description

Basic Info.

1. Product Name: Plastic Vinyl Examination Multi Purpose Disposable PVC Gloves for Household Duties PVC Gloves

2. Products Feature:

    2.1 100% nitrile rubber and low powder

    2.2 Superior cleanliness and ESD performance

    2.3 No protein allergen

    2.4 Excellent solvent resistance 

    2.5 Anti-skidding design, increasing safety

    2.6 Excellent sensitivity, superior strength

    2.7 Excellent tensile strength and abrasive resistance

    2.8 Special customized according to the client

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