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 Not only women can use lipstick

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Where does the habit of humans want to put color on their lips come from? In fact, for the first time in many human behaviors, they often follow biological impulses and religious reasons. In the beginning, lipstick was not exclusive to women. In the early days of human history, lipstick was an item with no gender temperament. People often smeared it on the lips of masks or idols during sacrifices as a religious totem. With the continuous differentiation of social classes, lipstick has gradually been regarded as a symbol of higher status. Nowadays, lipstick is an indispensable item in girls’ cosmetic bags, and many people think that only women can wear lipstick. However, not only can use lipstick.


Here is the list of the article:

Why do people think that lipstick is exclusive to women?

Do men need lipsticks?

How to choose lipsticks for men?


Why do people think that lipstick is exclusive to women?

1. In our daily life, the main users of lipstick are basically women, so most people think that lipstick is the exclusive cosmetics for girls. However, there are lipsticks for men.

2. There is no occasion for boys to wear lipstick. Lipstick is a very important thing for girls. But for men, they just think that this is a tool for girls to help their looks, and they don't need it at all.

3. Most boys don't wear makeup, and when they don't wear makeup, putting on lipstick is a bit abrupt. Regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, it is better to wear lipstick with makeup. And some boys do not wear makeup, which makes it impossible for them to use lipstick alone.


Do men need lipsticks?

It is obvious that men need to wear lip balm!

1. Lip balm is also lipstick, and for men who are not suitable for bright lip color, it is necessary to retain masculinity. The focus is on the full luster after application, suitable for male compatriots with dry lips!

2. If you are a boy with darker lip color and don't like to go out with a gorgeous lip color, it is recommended to choose a color number that is close to the lip color. While the lip color is uniform, it will not look too glamorous, which is even more for most men. Pleasant, exquisite without reducing masculinity.

3. Boys should not wear lipstick that is too bright, but choosing some lipstick numbers that can slightly brighten the lip color will help enhance the whole temperament.


How to choose lipsticks for men?

In fact, there is no obvious distinction between male and female lipsticks, so some female friends can also use lipsticks for men. However, under normal circumstances, the color of lipstick used by boys will be more limited. Generally, even men who use lipstick will choose lipsticks that are close to their own lip colors or nude colors. Because these types of lipsticks are more natural after being applied, the makeup effect is not obvious, and they will not feel too feminine.


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