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Quality Medical Surgical Face Mask with Shield

1. Standard: EN14683-2019

2. Filter Rating: 99%

3. Material: Non-woven Fabric

4. Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

5. Quality Guarantee Period: Two Years

6. Packing QTY: 10PCS / Bag
Price: 342.86 / Carton
Packing QTY:

  • Medical Face Mask with Shield
  • 6307900000
Product Description

1. Name of Goods: Quality Medical Surgical Face Mask with Shield

2. Function for Face Mask:

Face masks help limit the spread of germs. When someone talks, coughs, or sneezes they may release tiny drops into the air that can infect others. If someone is ill face masks can reduce the number of germs that the wearer releases and can protect other people from becoming sick. A face mask also protects the wearer's nose and mouth from splashes or sprays of body fluids. It is ideal for every house in day to day activities as well as doctors, surgeons, dentist, dental assistance, nurses, landscapers, contractors, plumbers, exterminators, nail technicians and many more.

3. Products Description:

(1). Product Type: Perfect Disposable Medical Dust Mouth Face Mask

(2). Construct: Face Mask Body + Nose Clip + Ear Loops

(3). Classify: Non Woven Disposable Face Mask 

 (4). Size: 170mm*100mm

(5). Place of Origin: China

 (6). Color: Blue/ White etc.

 (7). Ply Type: 3ply

 (8). Style: Ear Loop

 (9). Packing Type:

10pcs/bags, 200bags/ctn, Carton Size: 47*33*46cm

50pcs/box, 40boxes/ctn, Carton Size: 43*38*45cm

4. M
atters Needing Attention: 

· Usage Scope: For the protection of medical units during non-invasive operations

· Attention: Please use within the validity period, do not reuse. It is strictly prohibited to use moldy, yellow, wet, polluted and damaged products.

· Storage: Please store in a cool and clean place, of which relative humidity is less than 80% and temperature is lower than 50 ° C without corrosive gas, and well-ventilated room.


5. Product Advantages:

Medical Face Mask

6. Referenced For Quality Medical Surgical Face Mask with Shield:

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