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Something you need to know about medical protective clothing

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Whether it’s SARS or novel corona virus pneumonia, medical protective clothing plays a vital role in every spread of the virus, and the quality of medical protective clothing is gradually improving with the improvement of production technology.Medical protective clothing helps prevent the spread of germs in the hospital. This can protect people and health care workers from infections.

All hospital staff, patients, and visitors should use medical protective clothing when there will be contact with blood or other bodily fluids.

This article contains the following content:

  • The definition of medical protective clothing

  • Types of medical protective clothing

  • After You Use medical protective clothing


1. The definition of medical protective clothing

Medical protective clothing encompasses: caps, masks, aprons, and shoe covers.

Medical protective clothing encompasses medical devices and personal protective equipment. They are designed to protect the patient and medical personnel against pathogens in healthcare facilities. Medical protective clothing also protects the working environment from pollution from workers in production facilities maintaining a high level of cleanliness.Medical protective clothing, also known as medical protective suit, disposable protective coverall, or antivirus suit. Medical protective clothing refers to the protective clothing used by medical personnel (doctors, nurses, public health personnel, cleaners, etc.) and people entering a specific health areas (such as patients, hospital visitors, persons entering the infected area, etc.). Medical protective clothing has good moisture permeability and barrier, has the function of resisting the penetration of alcohol, blood, body fluid, air dust particles, and bacterial virus, effectively protect the safety of personnel and keep the environment clean.


2. Types of medical protective clothing

Medical protective clothing includes gowns, aprons, head covering, and shoe covers.These are often used during surgery to protect you and the patient.They are also used during surgery to protect you when you work with bodily fluids.Visitors wear gowns if they are visiting a person who is in isolation due to an illness that can be easily spread.You may need special medical protective clothing when handling some cancer drugs. This equipment is called cytotoxic medical protective clothing.


You may need to wear a gown with long sleeves and elastic cuffs. This gown should keep liquids from touching your skin.You may also need to wear shoe covers, goggles, and special gloves.


3. After You Use medical protective clothing

Remove and dispose of medical protective clothing safely to protect others from being exposed to germs. Before leaving your work area, remove all medical protective clothing and put it in the right place. This may include:

Special laundry containers that can be reused after cleaning

Special waste containers that are different from other waste containers

Specially marked bags for cytotoxic medical protective clothing.

You may need to use different types of medical protective clothing for different people. Your workplace has written instructions about when to wear PPE and what type to use. You need medical protective clothing, Heat Protection SuitAnti-static Clothing when you care for people who are in isolation as well as other patients.




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