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The correct way to wear a KN95 Face Mask

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Choose an KN95 face mask to filter out particles in the air.You can wear one when there's been a flu outbreak in your area, or if pollutants or a fire has made air quality poor. These masks are made of structured, lightweight foam and fit over your nose and mouth. Specially-made versions are also available for people in industrial jobs, and surgical KN95 face masks are available for those in health care professions.


The main points are included:

The steps to wear KN95 mask

Checking the Seal and Removing Your Mask

Some considerations


1. The steps to wear KN95 mask

Step 1. Wash your hands well before putting on your KN95 mask. Use soap and water and dry your hands well so you don’t get the KN95 mask wet. This will prevent you from accidentally contaminating your KN95 mask before you put it on.

Step 2. Cup the KN95 mask in one hand and place it over your mouth and nose. Place the KN95 mask in the palm of your hand so that the straps face the floor. Set it over your nose and mouth with the nose piece fitting over the bridge of your nose. The bottom should go just under your chin.


Step 3. Pull the bottom and top straps over your head. If your KN95 mask has two straps, pull the bottom one over your head and secure it around your neck, just under your ears. Continue to hold the KN95 mask tightly against your face with the other hand. Then, pull the top strap over and set it above your ears.


Step 4. Mold the nose piece around the bridge of your nose. Set your first 2 fingertips on either side of the metal nose clip at the top of your KN95 mask. Run your fingers down both sides of the strip, molding it along the bridge of your nose.


2. Checking the Seal and Removing Your KN95 mask

Breathe through the KN95 mask and test for leaks. Set both hands against the KN95 mask and take a breath to make sure that it seals against your face. Then exhale, feeling for any leakage from the nose piece or around the edges. If you feel air leaking from the nose area, re-mold the nose piece. If it’s coming from the edges of the KN95 mask, adjust the placement of the straps on the sides of your head.


Remove your KN95 mask by pulling the straps over the top of your head. Without touching the front of the KN95 mask, pull the bottom strap over your head. Let it hang down over your chest. Then, pull the top strap over.

Throw away your KN95 mask if you used it in a medical setting. If you used your KN95 mask with an ill patient, or as a way to prevent getting sick in an outbreak, the outside of your KN95 mask is likely contaminated. Disposing of it properly will ensure that you won’t come into contact with contaminated particles. Carefully hold the KN95 mask by the straps and throw it away in a trash can.


Re-wear your KN95 mask as long as it stays dry and fits tightly. If you’re using the KN95 mask to protect from environmental hazards and it hasn’t come into contact with harmful germs, it should be fine to wear again. Test the seal of your KN95 mask each time you put it on to make sure it still fits snugly. Store your KN95 mask in a clean, sealed container or bag and make sure it doesn’t get bent out of shape by surrounding objects.



3. Some considerations of KN95 face mask

Check with your doctor if you have a respiratory or cardiac condition. KN95 face masks can make it more difficult to breathe, especially if you have a chronic cardiac or respiratory condition. Talk with your doctor to see what extra precautions you can take. You may be able to use a model with exhalation valves, which can ease breathing and lessen heat build-up in the KN95 mask, although these versions shouldn’t be used if you need to maintain a sterile environment, like an operating room. Talk to your doctor before using if you have any of the following conditions:

Breathing problems


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)



Immune compromised medical condition problems


Through this article, I believe that readers have an understanding of the corrective way of wearing KN95 masks. Thank you for reading. if you want to know more about Disposable Face Mask, Medical Face Mask,contact us now!


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