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The method of application of Medical Protective Clothing

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Whether it's SARS or novel coronavirus pneumonia, medical protective clothing plays a vital role in every spread of the virus, and the quality of medical protective clothing is gradually improving with the improvement of production technology. This article will comprehensively explain medical protective clothing from the following 4 aspects.


This article contains the following content:

How to use the medical protective clothing correctly? 

Wearing order of medical protective clothing

The order to take off the medical protective clothing

Precautions for medical protective clothing


1. How to use the protective clothing correctly? 

The use of protective clothing is closely related to our life and health, so it is essential to select protective clothing that meets quality requirements. At present, the main well-known brands are Dupont of the United States, the United States Lakeland, 3M, Sperian, and so on. After getting the protective clothing, the correct use is also more important.

2. Wearing order of medical protective clothing

1 According to the place of use, personal height, chest circumference, choose the appropriate protective clothing model and size.

2 Read the instructions and notes before you wear it, and save the instructions for viewing when needed.

3 Wear protective clothing in designated safety areas.

4 Wear safety shoes. The protective clothing should cover your ankles and the uppers of the safety shoes.

5 Wear suitable face protective equipment correctly: protective masks and goggles and so on.

6 Wear the protective clothing completely: wear the protective hat, pull the zipper and paste the zipper door flap.

7 Wear suitable protective gloves according to the needs of the environment.

8 Check the suitability of protective clothing: before leaving the safe wear area and entering the dangerous work area, the suitability of protective clothing can be evaluated by raising the arms, bending down, squatting and other simple actions.

3. The order to take off the medical protective clothing

In the buffer zone between the contaminated area and the semi-contaminated area:
Take off the outer shoe cover

Take off the disposable isolation gown and roll it into the center
Take off the outer gloves
Take off the goggles

Enter the buffer zone between the semi-polluted area and the clean area

Take off the shoe cover
Take off protective clothing 
Take off the gloves
Take off the mask and take care not to touch the outer surface of the mask
Take off the disposable isolation cap, change the slippers, and disinfect your hand Enter the clean area, after washing and changing clothes, can return to the living area.

4. Precautions for medical protective clothing

Proper training, use and maintenance of protective clothing are important for safety. In any case, please confirm that the product is complete, the place of use, wear correctly, wear it all the time during exposure and replace it if necessary.

Before use, if you need to wear other safety protective equipment (masks, goggles, etc.), the user should read the product instructions carefully to ensure that the protective equipment is properly matched.

After use, in the process of taking off the protective clothing, wash hands or disinfect hands in all aspects of the process, to avoid pollution. The above protective articles, except the protective mirror to be sterilized, the other disposable articles should be placed in a designated waste bin for centralized treatment.

Readers can observe carefully in life, and you'll find health care professionals, Disposable Protective Coverall, Heat Protection Suit  and some patients wearing protective gear in many medical situations.


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