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The method of using Isolation Gown

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The authors concluded that multiple factors were involved in the development of SARS in the HCP studied. Among those factors: high-risk patient-care procedures, inconsistent use of PPE, fatigue and lack of adequate infection control training.


The main points are as follows:

The Role of Isolation Gown Standard

Recommended steps for Isolation Gown

Re-use of cloth isolation gowns


1. The Role of Isolation Gown Standard


According to CDC’ s 2004 Guidance for the Selection and Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Health care Settings, “Isolation Gown Standard are intended to prevent the transmission of common infectious agents to health care personnel, patients and visitors in any health care setting.”

In caring for a patient, Isolation Gown Standard require HCP to assume the presence of an infectious agent in the patient’s blood or body fluids and excretions, other than sweat.


2. Recommended steps for Isolation Gown


Donning Basics

General CDC recommendations for the appropriate use of PPE include:

• Don PPE before patient contact and generally before entering the patient room.

• Once it is on, use PPE carefully to avoid contamination. Follow general safe-work practices including:

-- Keep hands away from face.

-- Work from clean to dirty.

-- Limit surfaces touched.

-- Change PPE when torn or heavily contaminated.


The recommended donning sequence is as follows:

To don a gown:

• Select the appropriate type and size.

• With the opening in the back, secure the gown at the neck and waist.

• If the gown is too small for full coverage, use two; the first with the opening in the front, and the second placed over it with the opening in the back.


3. Re-use of cloth isolation gowns


Isolation gowns are not typically amenable to being doffed and re-used because the ties and fasteners typically break during doffing. Cloth isolation gowns could potentially be untied and retied and could be considered for re-use without laundering in between. In a situation where the gown is being used as part of Isolation Gown Standard to protect caregivers from a splash, the risk of re-using a non-visibly soiled cloth isolation gown may be lower. However, for care of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, caregiver risk from re-use of cloth isolation gowns without laundering among single employee caring for multiple patients using one gown or among multiple caregivers sharing one gown is unclear. The goal of this strategy is to minimize exposures to caregivers and not necessarily prevent transmission between patients. Any gown that becomes visibly soiled during care should be disposed of and/or cleaned.


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