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The usage of disposable protective coverall

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Due to the epidemic, more and more people are no strangers to disposable protective coverall. The product belongs to sterile supply. It can provide barrier and protection for the blood, body fluid and secretions of patients with potential infection which are contacted by clinical medical staff at work. But the public is not very familiar with the usage of disposable protective coverall. So How to use it correctly? What should we pay attention to?


How to use disposable protective coverall before putting it on?

What should we do after using disposable protective coverall ?

Notes and prompting instructions


How to use disposable protective coverall before putting it on?

1. when wearing safety protective suit, check all parts to make sure there are no missing or damaged parts

2. Remove the watch and other accessories.

3. Put on disposable protective coverall and pull the zipper down.

4. Put on protective boots.

5. Put on the relevant filter mask and make sure it fits tightly.

6. Wear safety glasses.

7. Cover the head with the hood and fully close the zipper of the safety protective suit. Press the front placket to cover the chin and zipper.

8. Put on safety gloves and pull over the cuffs of the safety protective suit.


What should we do after using disposable protective coverall?

1. Disinfect safety gloves first.

2. Pull down the hood, take off the disposable protective coverall to the shoulders and turn it over to the buttocks. At the same time, pull the hand out of the sleeve. At this time, another person can help, but you must wear a mask and safety gloves.

3. Take off the safety protective suit and safety boots completely.

4. According to the medical waste disposal regulations, put the unfolded disposable protective coverall into the designated container

5. Take off the safety gloves by turning outward.

6. Remove the safety glasses from the back and put them in the designated storage place. Don't forget to remove the filter mask at the same time.

7. Disinfect the hands, and then thoroughly wash the hands, face and other skins that may be contaminated with water and disinfectant.


Notes and prompting instructions.

1. Prohibit expired products with damaged main packaging or foreign objects.

2. If you are allergic to non-woven fabrics, please use with caution.

3. One-time use and destruction after use.

4. Dispose of medical waste according to regulations.

The scope of application of safety protective suit is mainly used in quarantine, food clenbuterol detection, pesticide animal husbandry, infectious disease isolation treatment, laboratory reagent experiments, pig farms, cattle farms, and other animal breeding places. Leader inspection. Beauty and body, fumigation therapy. Painting and polishing protection, glass wool insulation installation, petroleum exploration, precision instrument installation, biopharmaceuticals, human joint manufacturing, production of Class II and Class III medical devices, etc., use in places that require complete isolation of the human body.

Learning something about the usage of disposable protective coverall can help us deal with problems appropriately when encountering an epidemic. If you want to buy high-quality and inexpensive safety protective suit, Non-woven Face Mask, Medical Thermometer as an excellent protective clothing supplier, LANYI Medical is a good choice. 


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