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What brand of Medical Thermometer do doctors use?

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The hospital receives a large number of fever patients every day, so the medical thermometer is indispensable medical equipment in the hospital. The medical thermometers currently used in hospitals are mercury thermometers and electronic thermometers.

Here is the list of the article:

l Why mercury thermometers are widely used by hospitals?

l When do the doctors need to use electronic thermometers?

l What brand of medical thermometer do doctors use?

Why mercury thermometers are widely used by hospitals?

Mercury thermometers are the main medical thermometers used in hospitals. The advantages of mercury thermometers are obvious. On the one hand, mercury thermometers are very cheap, and hospitals can purchase them in large quantities, so there is no need for patients to wait for the thermometer. On the one hand, the test result of the mercury thermometer is very accurate. As long as the mercury does not leak, the error of the measured temperature is very small.

But mercury thermometers are easily broken. On the one hand, broken glass fragments can cut patients, especially children. On the other hand, the leaked mercury is easily volatilized and absorbed by the human body. Mercury is a toxic substance. Inhaling mercury can make people sick. Therefore, in some countries, such as the United States, hospitals are required to reduce mercury thermometers.

When do the doctors need to use electronic thermometers?

As an electronic instrument, electronic medical thermometers are prone to errors, especially after long-term use. Therefore, some doctors try to avoid using electronic thermometers in order to obtain accurate diagnostic results.

But in some cases, electronic thermometers are much more convenient than mercury thermometers. For example, when there are many patients, using an electronic medical thermometer will be much faster than using a mercury thermometer. The accuracy of electronic thermometers is also quite high, and the measurement is rapid, so it has gradually replaced mercury thermometers to measure children's body temperature.

What brand of medical thermometer do doctors use?

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