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What color categories does lipstick have?

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How many lipsticks are in your cosmetic bag and what color are these lipsticks? Can you tell which color family these lipsticks belong to? There are many colors of lipsticks in the mall, which is dazzling. Most people cannot say exactly how many colors there are for export red. I will expand the description below.


Here is the list of the article.

What color categories does lipstick have?

What is the standard for uniform lipstick color?

What is the basic classification of lipstick?


What color categories does lipstick have?

Generally speaking, lipsticks have several major colors: red, orange, pink, purple, and nude, and there are multiple color categories under each major color, among which red, pink, and nude There are many types of lines. Red is the color that women prefer, and nude is the more original color.

The color of lipstick is very important to lipstick, because it is the most intuitive impression that the customer passes to the customer before using the lipstick.

The color number is not unique to lipstick. Other cosmetics, such as BB cream, foundation, eyebrow pencil, concealer products, etc., also have their own color numbers.

Color number, as the name implies, "color number" means different colors. Different colors of makeup will have different effects, and different skin types will have different performance effects. Therefore, the choice of color number is also a factor that must be considered when buying cosmetics including lipstick.


What is the standard for uniform lipstick color?

There is no uniform standard for the color number of lipsticks in the lipstick world. Lipsticks of different brands have the same color number, but the color will be different. Every famous brand of lipstick has an official color number. For example, some color number #1 represents red, color number #2 represents pink, etc. At the same time, the same color number will be different for different brands.

However, there is a unified standard for color. For example, Pantone color card is an international color standard and a world-renowned color authority. It should be used in the fields of printing, textiles, plastics, graphics, digital technology and other fields. It is the international unity of color information exchange Standard language.

Another widely used color system is the RGB color mode system, which is a color standard in the industry. The RGB color mode changes the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B). And they are superimposed on each other to get a variety of colors. This color system covers almost all the colors that human vision can perceive.

For example, a computer screen uses the mixing and superposition of these three colors to express different colors.


What is the basic classification of lipstick?

(1) Matte lipstick:

It contains the most pigments and the strongest color. It has no luster or reflection, but it can keep the color for a long time. It does not contain moisturizing ingredients, so it is not suitable for honey friends with thin lips and more lip wrinkles.

(2) Satin lipstick:

Satin lipstick has a high oil content, so it looks bright, and the color is slightly lighter, thin and transparent. This lipstick is generally slightly viscous and has a fragrance. Easy to wipe, good moisturizing, often used with a matte lipstick or lip gloss, can achieve the effect of coexisting color and gloss.

(3) Lip gloss:

This lipstick is between matte and satin. It contains more wax than matte, so it protects the lips better, but it often makes the lips dry.

(4) Glossy lipstick:

Also known as lip jelly, it contains some reflective particles such as mica, silica, artificial pearls or fish scales. Luster lipsticks are mainly light-colored, suitable for special occasions.

(5) Long lasting lipstick:

Almost all lipsticks have the problem of being easy to fall off and need to be re-applied in time. But this type of lipstick solves this problem. Some long-lasting lipsticks are very dry. Long-lasting lipstick usually includes two parts: basic care and adding satin. The base part has silicone oil that can keep the color for a long time. Once the lipstick is dry, you can apply a colorless satin to increase the gloss. The satin part can be wiped repeatedly, but the background color can only be washed off after removing the makeup.


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