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What does None-woven Face Mask do on our life nowadays?

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There’s definitely been an increase in the number of humans wearing face None-woven Face Mask, and as more consumers seek them out, the once-humble mask has moved from the back aisles to more prominent placement in retail stores. And as we move into the cold, flu and hay fever seasons, the displays seem to get bigger every day.

The main points are as follows:

None-woven Face Mask types

The purposes of None-woven Face Mask

Features of the mask


1. None-woven Face Mask types


While some elderly consumers still use cloth gauze None-woven Face Mask that can be laundered and reused, almost the entire market is now made up of tsukaisute (disposable) None-woven Face Mask made of nonwoven cloth, which is called fushokufu in Japanese. The most standard style is the purītsu-(pleats) type mask, which can be adjusted to fit around the chin, but 3-D None-woven Face Mask have steadily gained market share since Unicharm first introduced them in 2003. The main advantage of 3-D None-woven Face Mask is that they fit closer, with fewer gaps, yet provide a space between the mask and the mouth that makes it easier to breathe. They are also less likely to muss up makeup, making them popular with women.


2. The purposes of None-woven Face Mask

1.The non woven face mask does not contain latex, PVC or DEHP materials.

2.Our Spun bond Fabric used to make Disposable Face Mask is made from the virgin material and the Face Mask is manufactured in a clean room environment so as to keep it dust free and make it suitable for hospital use.

3.The middle layer we use in the disposable face mask is the layer of Filter paper with high BFE (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency).

4.The layers of Spun bond fabric used for top and bottom are 20(+/-1) GSM.

5.The elastic used for ear loop is specially made from imported material to keep it soft on sensitive ears of medical professionals and keeps the skin rash free even after long duration of usage.

6.Mask can also be made available in sterile single pack, if required.


3. Features of the None-woven Face Mask


1. Made of high-bonding white non-woven fabric.

2. Heat weld both ends of the seam to maintain a high degree of cleanliness.

3. All None-woven Face Mask are hypoallergenic.

4. None-woven Face Mask can effectively filter bacteria, dust, particles and organic toxic gases. Tasteless. All None-woven Face Mask are hypoallergenic, which prevents irritation and allergy problems on sensitive skin. The upper side of the double/three-layer mask is embedded with a bridge made of 100% aluminum to ensure close contact.


With a BFE exceeding 99%, we recommend None-woven Face Mask and clean rooms that meet high standards in dust-free locations. BFE is over 99%, we recommend None-woven Face Mask, purifying None-woven Face Mask to meet high standards. We also have Nanoporous Face Mask, Cotton Face Mask, if you want to know more, just click us .


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