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What is the main material of baby diaper?

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 From birth to being able to take care of itself, the diaper has been with the baby, almost his second skin. With the development of technology and the improvement of living standards, there are more and more varieties of diapers on the market. Thus, for immature babies, diapers are very important to them. Many parents are very careful when buying diapers for their babies. Because diapers belong to the baby's body, they must be taken seriously. Then, what is the main material of the baby diaper? I’d like to expand on the baby diaper next.

What is the main material of baby diapers?

   Generally speaking, there are two main kinds of material in baby diapers, absorbent pad and nonwoven fabric.

The most advanced disposable diapers will absorb 15 times their weight in water. This amazing absorption capacity is due to the absorbent pad found in the core of the diaper. The absorbent pad is composed of two basic elements: hydrophilic or hydrophilic polymer and a fiber material. The hydrophilic polymer is made of fine particles of acrylic acid derivatives such as sodium acrylate, potassium acrylate or alkyl acrylate. These polymer particles act as tiny sponges that can absorb water much greater than their mass.

   The absorbent pad is in the core of the diaper, and it is fixed by a non-woven sheet. Non-woven fabrics are usually made of plastic resins such as nylon, polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene. It is assembled by three methods: mechanical, chemical or thermally interlocking plastic fibers.


What are the benefits of baby diaper?

   Now that you know the main production materials of baby diapers, do you want to know the advantages of baby diapers?

1.         Baby diapers can keep the baby’s skin dry and effectively avoid excessive moisture caused by long-term contact between the skin and the urine in the diaper. Moisture is often the first and most important factor in inducing diaper rash, because it makes the skin more susceptible to abrasion and irritation. Conducive to the growth of germs. The extraordinary water absorption of disposable diapers can prevent moisture from contacting the skin.

2.         Baby diapers can provide a more hygienic growth environment for babies, because they can reduce the spread and pollution of bacteria in feces more than traditional diapers.

3.         Wetness is one of the most common reasons babies wake up at night. The use of high-quality baby diapers with strong water absorption and low re-exudation can provide babies with a fully dry environment for the buttocks skin, so that the babies will not always feel damp and uncomfortable, thus reducing the number of awakenings caused by wet urine. The sleep time is also longer than that of babies using traditional diapers, which helps babies sleep more sweetly.


Where to buy the baby diaper?

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