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What is the most accurate Medical Thermometer for home use?

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Fever is one of the most common diseases that people get. In order to know exactly whether you have a fever, it is best for everyone to prepare a medical thermometer at home. However, there are so many kinds of medical thermometers in the market and many people are not sure which kind of medical thermometer is accurate. I will explain how to choose a medical thermometer suitable for family use.


Here is the list of the article:

l Which method of temperature measurement do you prefer?

l Do you need some special features?

l What is your budget for a medical thermometer?

Which method of temperature measurement do you prefer?

As far as I am concerned, your first step for choosing the most accurate medical thermometer is to determine which method you prefer for taking temperatures. If you have a newborn or if you're looking for an inexpensive option for the adults in your home, a digital stick thermometer that can be used for oral, rectal or axillary readings should do the trick. If you have toddlers or children who are averse to holding their breath, a forehead, ear or dual-mode device is likely a better fit.


Do you need some special features?

You are also supposed to weigh a few additional factors to weigh when determining which medical thermometer is accurate for your family.  

1. Display options: People often take temperatures at night in the dark bedrooms. Thus, buying a medical thermometer that has large, easy-to-read digital displays can help you a lot.

2. Fever alerts: Many of the devices we reviewed has color-coded (usually red, yellow or green) displays to indicate that you have a fever or your child does. This helps you quickly identify elevated temperatures. And you can respond immediately.

3. Silent mode: A few devices let you silence beeps and alerts, which is helpful if you're dealing with sick, cranky or sleeping kids who may be bothered by unnecessary noise.

4. Memory storage: Most medical thermometers retain at least one recent reading — a helpful option if you want to track a fever over time.

5. Age-specific settings or smart features: These are more nice-to-haves than necessities, but app syncing and custom fever alerts by age add some ease to your temperature-taking process.


What is your budget for a medical thermometer?

The mercury thermometer is the cheapest and most advanced clinical thermometer. If you just want to measure your body temperature, you can buy a mercury thermometer.

The commonly used electronic thermometer is the electronic version of the traditional mercury thermometer. Easy to use, short measurement time, results can be obtained in about 1 minute. The price is not too expensive.

The ear thermometer is a non-contact telemetry temperature measuring instrument. It has a short measurement time and convenient reading. It does not require long-term cooperation from the baby, but it is more expensive.

Infrared thermometers are the most efficient and the most expensive. If you have enough budget, you can consider an infrared thermometer.


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