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What kind of environment can safety goggles be used?

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As an important part of personal protective equipment, safety goggles can be divided into ordinary protective eyewear and special protective eyewear according to their functions. Safety goggles are a special type of glasses designed to prevent radiation, chemical, mechanical and light damage of different wavelengths. There are many types of protective eyewear, different occasions of different needs of the glasses are also different, the common specific dust glasses, anti-impact glasses, anti-chemical glasses and anti-light radiation glasses and so on.


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l When you need to use safety goggles

l Types of protective eyewear

l Attention


When you need to use safety goggles

l In the diagnosis and treatment, nursing operations, may occur when the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions and another splashing.

l In close contact with a person infected by droplets.

l When tracheotomy and endotracheal intubation are performed for patients with respiratory infectious diseases and blood, body fluids and secretions may be splashed, a comprehensive protective mask should be used.


Types of protective eyewear

Protection against this risk is expressed by a series of mandatory codes. See below for more information on these.

l Lab Work Safety Goggles: The main danger to the eyes of working in the lab is chemicals -- for example, dangerous chemical or corrosive spills and splashes. Therefore, the best choice for protective glasses for laboratory workers is full safety goggles with protective seals. Should be worn when doing dangerous work.

l Woodworking safety goggles: Dust is a major threat to the eyes when working with carpentry. Sanding or grinding can produce a fine spray of wood chips that can irritate the eyes, at the very least. Again, this means that full goggles are the best option when using wood.

l Construction safety goggles: Construction sites are dangerous places, fraught with multiple health and safety risks. The best eye protection to use in such environments is goggles or glasses, which provide reliable protection against smoke, dust particles, light and electrical discharges.

l Cold weather safety goggles: Safety goggles worn at low temperatures are prone to fogging or fogging. To minimize this annoyance that interferes with productivity, look for models who have their lenses coated with anti-fogging chemicals.



When multiple hazards may occur in the same program, the highest level of appropriate protection against each hazard must be provided. Comfort and fitness are important considerations when choosing eye protection. Lab workers are more likely to wear eye protectors if they are comfortable. Personal facial features may interfere with the wearing of safety goggles, and in order to provide adequate protection, eye protection must fit. Inappropriate eye protection will not provide the protection it is designed for. Several brands and styles of eye care products may be required. Eye care products come in different styles and sizes, so make sure you choose the right size for the particular person. Eye protection and removable features (such as shoulder straps) need to be adjusted regularly for a comfortable fit.


Safety goggles are the primary protectors to protect the eyes from liquid or chemical splashes, irritating fogs, vapors and fumes. They form a protective seal around the eyes, preventing objects or liquids from getting under or around the goggles. This is especially important when working around liquids that may splash, spray, or spray.

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