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What kind of people does lipstick apply to

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Lipstick is a must-have item in your makeup bag. Many people will face a question. Why do some lipsticks look good on other people's mouths, but not suitable for their own mouths? I will expand on how to choose the right lipstick.


Here is the list of the article:

Why this lipstick doesn’t suit me?

What kind of lipstick should I choose?

How should I apply lipstick?


Why this lipstick doesn’t suit me?

First of all, I’d like to explain the reasons why this lipstick is not suitable for you. Everyone has different facial features and skeletal characteristics, so it will make everyone's looks very different. Different looks, with different temperaments, there will be obvious differences in the choice of lipstick. Therefore, the lipstick that suits others may not suit you.

Besides, if you use the wrong method of applying lipstick, the effect of lipstick will be greatly reduced. For example, if you rub your upper and lower lips when the lipstick is not dry, the originally uniform and full lipstick layer will become uneven, and the delicate lipstick edges will also be destroyed.

What’s more, you are supposed to select the color of lipstick according to your makeup style. If your makeup is sweet, you should not choose a particularly red lipstick.


What kind of lipstick should I choose?

1. The positive red lipstick is suitable for women with fair complexion and strong aura. The red lipsticks are the most classic and retro red lip makeup. Paired with a fair complexion and gray-black smoky makeup, it will present a different kind of beauty. Only women with a strong aura can control the positive red lipstick, which is more independent, powerful and assertive after applying it.

2. Rose red lipstick is suitable for all women, especially for women who like romance and fantasy. Because the rose is a symbol of love, and rose color is a symbol of romance, rose red lips have their unique romantic feeling.

3. Orange red lips are most suitable for young women. Orange red looks younger and more energetic than traditional red, so it is very suitable for young girls with vitality. Moreover, the orange color that is blended with red and yellow can not only synthesize the yellowish skin color, but also make the white skin look fairer.

4. Maroon red lips are most suitable for women with yellowish skin. The maroon red is more mature and low-key than the positive red, and it can also modify the yellowish complexion very well.


How should I apply lipstick?

There are so many methods of applying lipstick. It is hard to list them all. Thus, I just list a method that is easy to learn for you.

1. First, use foundation and powder to cover the original contour and color.

2. Make the lower lip fuller. The central part can be slightly out of the original outline, people with thick lips can paint thinner, and people with thin lips can draw about 0.1 cm larger than the original outline.

3. Open your mouth slightly to fill up the lipstick at the corners of your mouth, but be careful not to overflow.


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