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What occasion to wear medical gloves

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The new crown epidemic has not only changed our original way of life, but also brought a lot of inconvenience to our lives. Everyone is called to wash hands frequently, ventilate more, refrain from gathering, and go out less frequently. When going out, many people not only wear masks to prevent the spread of droplets, but also wear medical gloves when they go out to prevent contact and infection. So here comes the question: On what occasion do we wear medical gloves actually?


What occasion to wear medical gloves?

1. Situations that need to wear gloves:

(1) Before performing aseptic operation

(2) Before touching blood, body fluids, broken skin or mucous membranes.

(3) Before contacting the patient who is being isolated and the surrounding area.

2. Situations where you need to take off your gloves:

(1) When the gloves are damaged or suspected of damage.

(2)After contact with blood, body fluids, damaged skin and mucous membranes or after the operation is completed.

(3)Contact or contaminate each patient and the surrounding environment of the patient


Misunderstanding of the use of medical gloves

1. Do not wash hands before putting on gloves and after taking them off.

2. Touch more than one patient with the same pair of gloves.

3. Wearing hands from the contaminated part to the clean part of the same patient without changing gloves.

4. After touching the contaminated part, do not change gloves before touching the surrounding environment.

5. Perform other operations without taking off gloves after caring for the patient.

6. Workers and individual medical staff wear gloves and frequently contact public facilities such as elevator buttons.


How to wear medical gloves?

1. After putting on the medical gloves, take out the small paper bag of sterile talcum powder in the glove bag (or box), sprinkle the talcum powder on the palm of the hand, and then evenly wipe it on the fingers, palm and back of the hand, and then take the sterile medical A pair of gloves.

2. When taking the gloves, only pinch the folded part of the glove mouth, and do not touch the outside of the glove with your hands.

3. Align the two gloves so that the thumbs of the two gloves are facing forward and close together. Pick up the glove with the right hand, insert the left hand into the glove, and insert each finger as deeply as possible into the end of the corresponding finger tube. Then insert the left finger of the glove worn under the folded part of the right glove mouth, hold the right glove firmly, then insert the right hand into the right glove, and finally turn over the folded part of the glove cover to cover the medical gloves on the cuffs.

4. Clean the talcum powder on the outside of the gloves with sterile external normal saline, which is safe.


The above is the content of medical gloves organized for everyone, I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about medical gloves, you can pay attention to LANYI! We will not only solve your doubts, but also provide you with high-quality goods and services.


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