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What situation should wear face shield

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During the treatment of epidemics, many people wear masks. However, some people wear face shields after wearing masks. Because a mask can only prevent the virus from entering your body from your mouth and nose, but it cannot protect your entire face, such as your eyes. The face shield made of transparent plastic can cover your entire face. So in many cases, you will see someone wearing a face shield. This article will introduce you under what circumstances people should wear face shields and the benefits. I hope this article will give you a better understanding of face shield.


1. Medical personnel should wear face shield when working

2. Staff who need close contact with people should wear face shield

3. Workers with debris splashing at work should wear face shield


1. Medical staff should wear face shield at work

We often see that medical staff should wear face shields at work, not only during the treatment of epidemics, but also when treating patients in peacetime. Because during the diagnosis, treatment and nursing operations, the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. may be splashed. Especially when performing short-distance operations such as tracheotomy and tracheal intubation for patients with respiratory infections, you must wear a face shield to avoid the spread of the virus in the blood, body fluids, and secretions splashed by the patient. Now during the treatment of epidemics, the viewfinder is an essential medical protection tool. Medical staff have to come into contact with many patients in the hospital, and medical staff wearing face shields at work can effectively prevent the virus in the droplets from spreading through the mouth, nose, and even eyes when they come into close contact with patients.


2. Staff who need close contact with people should wear face shield

During the treatment of infectious diseases, life and work must continue. In order to ensure that people live and travel healthily, government staff will come to deliver food to people or check the body temperature of people coming and going at the gate of the community. Because they have to contact many people, there is a risk of infection in the population. So they need to take protective measures to prevent viruses. So they should not only wear masks, but also viewfinders. Double protection can effectively reduce the risk of infection. Protecting oneself is also protecting others. The visor successfully prevented the spread of saliva generated by people in conversation. At the same time, the transparent mask allows the staff to clearly see the people coming and going, and facilitate their work. The people who are tested can also see the eyes of the staff, without a sense of distance, so that people can better cooperate with their work.


3. Workers with debris splashing at work should wear face shield

In fact, in addition to medical staff, there are also many workers who wear face shields at work. Because they may have debris during the work process, such as wood chips splashing out, in order to avoid the debris splashing into the face or eyes and causing injury to the workers, workers should wear face shields. The transparent plastic face shield can effectively protect you from the impact of debris, and the transparent face shield can provide you with a good view and help you work more conveniently.


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