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When can disposable protective coverall be used?

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As the epidemic gets worse, there is an increasing demand for medical supplies such as disposable protective coverall. Many people have also raised doubts:when should I use it? Can it be reused? How often is it replaced? The answer is as follows.


When to wear disposable protective coverall?

Can the disposable protective coverall be reused?

How long will the disposable protective coverall be changed after use?

What to do with used disposable protective coverall?


When to wear disposable protective coverall?

Disposable protective coverall should be worn in the following situations:

1. When clinical medical personnel are in contact with patients with infectious diseases under

Class A or Class A infectious diseases.

2. When contacting patients with infectious diseases spread by air or droplets, they may be

splashed by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, and excrement.

3. Medical staff do not touch the patient’s respiratory secretions, nor do they produce aerosols, and do not need to wear safety protective suit.


Can the disposable protective coverall be reused?

1. Safety protective suit is a one-time use, and cannot be reused in principle.

2. It is known that safety protective suit is used for medical protective clothing and is used in the isolation observation ward (room), isolation ward (room) and isolation intensive care unit (room). Disposable protective coverall must not be reused.

3. It is forbidden to leave the diagnosis and treatment area and isolation area while wearing medical protective masks and safety protective suit. In principle, no protective clothing should be used for diagnosis and treatment operations in other areas.

4. However, in emergency situations where the current supply of safety protective suit is severely insufficient, it can be reused after strict disinfection.


How long will the disposable protective coverall be changed after use?

Disposable protective coverall is generally changed every 4 hours. It refers to the disposable protective equipment worn by clinical medical staff when they come into contact with patients with Class A or infectious diseases managed by Class A infectious diseases. Safety protective suit should have good waterproof, antistatic, filtration efficiency and no skin irritation, easy to put on and take off, tight joints, cuffs and ankle openings with elastic closures, etc.


What to do with used disposable protective coverall?

If possible, complete detoxification, cleaning, inspection and air pressure testing of the  protective clothing for reuse. If the safety protective suit cannot be detoxified, it should be discarded in a safe way. If the disposable protective coverall is in the epidemic area, it is best to burn it.


Safety protective suit is one of the important guarantee materials to defeat the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. The scientific and reasonable use of safety protective suit can not only effectively protect the health of personnel, but also ensure the smooth progress of medical treatment. Excessive and disorderly use not only wastes limited medical resources, but also easily leads to improper protection and increases the risk of infection. So how to use protective clothing correctly is particularly important. I believe that through understanding the above issues, everyone must have a clear understanding of the use of it. If you have a demand, welcome to buy LANYI products, we will provide you with high-quality and inexpensive products including Non-woven Face Mask, Medical Thermometer and high-quality services.


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