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Where can medical gloves be made use of

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Medical gloves are important personal protective equipment in hospitals. It protects healthcare professionals from various infections. It can also prevent any infection or contamination from spreading to patients. Medical gloves are frequently used in hospitals, such as to check patients or perform operations. So besides the hospital, are there any other places where medical gloves are made use of?


What are the benefits of wearing disposable medical gloves during the epidemic?

1. Wearing disposable medical gloves is effective to reduce the risk of contact infection.

Viruses and bacteria are everywhere. Early prevention is the best way to reduce the risk of infection. Wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently are crucial. The new type of coronavirus has the characteristics of contact transmission, and the fact that the virus exists on the doorknob of patients with pneumonia has also shown the necessity of paying attention to hand hygiene and wearing medical gloves.


A large amount of data shows that maintaining hand hygiene is an effective way to prevent the spread of pathogens, thereby reducing the incidence of nosocomial infections. Wearing medical gloves can reduce the patient's chance of infection with germs, and secondly, medical staff can also get health protection. It can even be said that wearing gloves can reduce the chance of medical staff's family members and friends coming into contact with germs. Because medical staff do not wear gloves and carry drug-resistant bacteria, through contact with the hands of medical staff, the bacteria will cross-parasite among patients, causing the spread of drug-resistant strains. Thus, it spreads between communities (that is, between contacts) through the transfer of host patients. Therefore, medical staff wear gloves mainly to prevent the spread of bacteria, thereby protecting patients, themselves and other contacts.


Disposable medical gloves are a protective umbrella to kill both hands when working

Since the start of the epidemic prevention and control work, every street, community, supermarket, enterprise and other public areas have required daily disinfection treatment. At the same time, almost every household will also be disinfected. Because chlorine-containing disinfectant is corrosive and irritating, if it is not properly protected when used, it will cause greater irritation to human skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, you must wear a mask and medical gloves during daily disinfection.


One-time medical gloves are still a reliable little helper at home

Disposable medical gloves are also a reliable household helper. Take disposable latex gloves as an example. They fit the hand and are comfortable to wear, have the characteristics of large elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, and have good tensile strength, puncture resistance and not easy to break. It is a high-quality choice for protecting hands when washing, cooking, cleaning and cleaning. Wearing it when cooking in the kitchen can not only protect your hands when cutting vegetables, but also handle fish, shrimp, crabs and other spiked ingredients without worrying about puncturing your hands.


In short, It can be seen that in addition to hospitals and public areas such as streets and communities, medical gloves are also necessary for residents' homes. The above is the content of medical gloves organized for everyone, I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about medical gloves, you can pay attention to LANYI! We will not only solve your doubts, but also provide you with high-quality goods and services.


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