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Which age group is suitable for baby diapers?

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Compared with traditional diapers, the material and structure of diapers can effectively reduce the spread and pollution of bacteria in the feces, and provide a more hygienic growth environment for babies. But as the child grows up, the necessity of diapers for the child will gradually decrease. The shortcomings are more obvious. For example, the breathability of diapers is relatively poor. If the diapers are wrapped all day long, it is easy to cause red buttocks, that is, diaper rash. More serious is that it may cause urinary infections. Thus, which age group is suitable for baby diapers?

Which age group is suitable forbaby diapers?

Generally speaking, the best time to stop using diapers is before the child is 2 years old. At this time, their brains and nerves began to develop, which is the time for training to urinate regularly. If children have been using diapers, it is easy to cause habitual or lazy bedwetting. The reason is that babies who don't use diapers will feel uncomfortable because of wetness after wetting the bed, and will feel nervous when they want to urinate. In this way, they will consciously exercise the bladder's urine storage function. The children who are still using diapers lack this uncomfortable stimulus, and the bladder storage function training cannot be carried out.

The best time to stop using diapers is in summer. The reason is that if you stop using baby diapers in winter, your child will easily catch a cold after wetting the bed. In addition, if you keep using diapers for your baby, especially after they can walk, it will affect their walking posture. If babies have a piece of diaper between their legs, they have to spread their legs as much as they can when they walk. Over time, you will form an unsightly posture and even hinder the development of your legs.

How to help the baby get rid of diapers?

An ideal toilet

Prepare a baby toilet that is easy to clean.

A relaxed mood

When the baby is sitting on the toilet, parents should not urge the baby to excrete in a hurry.

A pair of pants that obviously feel unwell

Prepare loose-fitting and absorbent cotton trousers. Such trousers can make the baby obviously feel the discomfort after excretion and soiling, so as to carry out self-controlled excretion.

Wash hands and hands after going to the toilet

When the baby is completely free of diapers and can go to the toilet on his own, mom and dad can start to demonstrate a complete set of hand washing steps.

How to choose diapers for children of different ages?

Babies grow rapidly and their body shape changes quickly. To ensure the best use of diapers, it is important to "fit".

When choosing diapers for small babies, consider the softness of diapers.

According to the baby's skin and seasonal characteristics, choose light and breathable diapers for him.

If the diaper design is unreasonable, leakage and side leakage during activities are likely to occur. Good diapers can safely separate urine from soft stools, allowing babies to explore the world easily.


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