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Who is suitable for facial mask?

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facial mask is a category of skincare products, used to moisturize the skin, and also has multiple functions such as moisturizing, nourishing, nourishing, improving appearance, and deep cleansing. Face care has gradually become an indispensable basic material for everyone, which also shows that modern people have a certain pursuit of their appearance. All kinds of facial masks occupy the current market. Are you suitable for applying a facial mask? In fact, everyone is suitable for applying facial masks, but because everyone's skin is different, the types of masks suitable for applying are also different. Then, I’d like to expand on face care to help you have a better understanding of how to choose a suitable facial mask.


Here is the list of the article:

What types of facial masks are there?

What kind of face care are you suitable for?

How to choose a facial mask?


What types of facial masks are there?

In general, there are four kinds of facial masks.

1. Tear-off mask

The tear-off mask uses physical action to cleanse the skin deeply. Most of it is a transparent or translucent gel-like liquid. After being applied to the face, it becomes a thin film, which increases the temperature of the epidermis, thereby promoting blood circulation and metabolism. After the mask dries, it pulls the dirt out of the pores and removes dead skin from skin.

2. Washing facial mask

The so-called water-washing facial mask is a facial mask that can be washed off with water, and its superior conformability is unattainable by other types of facial masks. The types of washable facial masks are divided into mud cream-like washable facial masks, cream-like washable facial masks, and gel-like washable facial masks. The scope of use of the water-washing facial mask is not limited, even the neck, chest, back, knees or elbows can be used at the same time, and it can be used to partially strengthen the effect of special parts of the face. It is very convenient and trouble-free to use.

3. Homemade fresh fruit facial mask

Many people now like to make their own facial masks with fresh fruits and dairy products. The homemade mask is not scientifically processed, but the molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin. Although the originality is good, the effect is really limited. You are not supposed to use it for a long time.

4. Patch facial mask

The patch mask is currently one of the most convenient and widely used facial masks. The face care is dipped in high-concentration essence, which is not only evenly distributed, but also has very small particles, which can quickly penetrate the skin into the inside of the skin, which can greatly improve the nourishment of the mask.


What kind of face care are you suitable for?

From the perspective of "what problem can the mask solve", there are actually two types of masks that are really effective and worth the investment: moisturizing face care and cleansing face care.

If your skin has strong oil secretion, you will need a cleansing mask. Because the oily skin is covered by thick sebum for a long time, coupled with the dust and cosmetic residues in the environment, if you do not regularly do deep cleansing, your pores are easily blocked and cause serious acne and pore problems. Thus, you need to choose some cleansing masks with good adsorption, such as common mud, charcoal, and soil to clean your skin. Compared with a facial cleanser, the cleansing mask has a finer texture, which can better remove the deep oils of the skin.

One of the biggest functions of a moisturizing facial mask is moisturizing. Its value to the skin is the same as that of cream, but in the form of applying it on the face, the moisturizing effect is easier to be noticed by the naked eye. If you have the need of moisturizing and hydrating, whitening, calming and soothing the skin, anti-wrinkle and aging, you can choose a maintenance mask.

How to choose a facial mask?

Take the ordinary patch mask as an example. There are three main ingredients that you should care about.

Whether the mask is effective is mainly in the essence (ingredients). The packaging bag of the facial mask will generally indicate the content of the essence. If you obviously feel that the paper is dry after applying the mask, it also means that there is not much essence in the mask.

Most of the masks are sticky mainly because a magical ingredient, a thickener, is added to the mask. But in comparison, the stickier the mask is indeed the better moisturizing effect. The thickener is not effective. The purpose of adding it is to make the mask essence more viscous, so that the mask can be stuck on the face smoothly.

The most ingredient in the facial mask is water, and the amount of water determines the quality of the facial mask. This water is not drinking water, but the water that has been specially treated. The moisture content of good quality facial masks is greater than 70%.


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