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Why do the public need safety goggles now?

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Safety goggles are a special type of glasses designed to prevent radiation, chemical, mechanical and light damage of different wavelengths. There are many types of protective eyewear, different occasions of different needs of the glasses are also different, the common specific dust glasses, anti-impact glasses, anti-chemical glasses and anti-light radiation glasses and so on. Right now, safety goggles are in demand.


Here is the content list:

l Why are safety goggles so important?

l Can you get COVID-19 through your eyes?


Why are safety goggles so important?

Safety goggles and glasses protect the wearer's eyes from flying debris, dust, smoke, and corrosive chemicals in the event of an accident or equipment failure. In other words, we wear eye patches to provide an important first line of defense for one of our body's most fragile organs.


Can you get COVID-19 through your eyes?

The eyes are the gateway to COVID-19, and safety goggles provide protection

As coronavirus infects us through our eyes, nose and mouth, proper personal protective equipment has become one of the most important tools during this pandemic. To be on the safe side, choosing the right glasses is crucial. Novel coronavirus(COVID-19) is thought to be able to spread in humans in three ways. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus is transmitted by:

l Be in close contact with patients.

l Airborne respiratory droplets when an infected person sneezes or coughs nearby.

l After touching a virus-laden surface, it touches our mouth, nose or eyes.


According to the CDC, "The source of infection either enters the eye directly (for example, blood splashes, coughs, or respiratory droplets from inhalation) or comes into contact with the eye through a contaminated finger or other objects." Because our mouth, nose and eyes are gateways for the virus to enter, certain products in the field of personal protective equipment have come into focus, particularly N95 respirators and surgical masks, because they prevent respiratory droplets from entering the mouth and nose. However, the CDC reminds us that protecting the eye is just as important, "providing a barrier for infectious materials entering the eye, often used in combination with other personal protective equipment such as gloves, protective clothing, masks, or respirators."


In fact, many diseases can be transmitted through the conjunctiva, including chicken pox, flu and other respiratory diseases, which is very common. In the hospital itself, there is the protection of the eye, if the doctor has a high risk of operation, such as endotracheal intubation, respiratory inhalation of sampling and testing work, to carry out this kind of three-level protection or two or more protection. Wearing safety goggles can effectively prevent the invasion of the virus.


Safety goggles protect workers' eyes from an eye injury. They protect the eyes from shocks and prevent dirt, dust, debris, chemicals or liquids from entering the eyes. The safety goggles have lenses to provide visibility and a wraparound frame or band to secure them over the wearer's head. Safety goggles are usually worn in laboratories, construction or landscape sites, manufacturing facilities, auto repair shops, or woodworking environments to meet most of the market demand.


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