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Why medical protective clothing is so popular

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As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic accelerates, global health care systems have become overwhelmed with potentially infectious patients seeking testing and care. Preventing spread of infection to and from health care workers (HCWs) and patients relies on effective use of medical protective clothing—gloves, face masks, air-purifying respirators, goggles, face shields, respirators, and gowns. A critical shortage of all of these is projected to develop or has already developed in areas of high demand.


This article contains the following content:

The introduction of medical protective clothing

The role of medical protective clothing

What are the test items of medical protective clothing?


1. The introduction of medical protective clothing

Medical protective clothing, also known as medical protective suit, disposable protective coverall, or antivirus suit. Medical protective clothing refers to the protective clothing used by medical personnel (doctors, nurses, public health personnel, cleaners, etc.) and people entering a specific health areas (such as patients, hospital visitors, persons entering the infected area, etc.). Medical protective clothing has good moisture permeability and barrier, has the function of resisting the penetration of alcohol, blood, body fluid, air dust particles, and bacterial virus, effectively protect the safety of personnel and keep the environment clean.

2. The role of medical protective clothing

High value is placed on personal protective wear in medicine and healthcare, as it protects the medical staff from direct contact with potentially infectious substances. Medical protective clothing is not only required in the operating theatre and lab, but also in daily use within the surgery. It includes protective gloves, eye protection, face and nose protection, respiratory protection, protective gowns, aprons and hair protection. In this category, we offer you a wide range of high-quality protective wear, like infection protection clothing for use in the general practice, hospital, lab and nursing home.


3.What are the test items of medical protective clothing?

Medical protective clothing is a safety protection equipment with a very high level, the quality inspection is very strict, and need to test a lot of items. Meet only one standard, there need to test multiple performances. Due to the particularity of the use environment, the common test items for medical protective clothing are spray rating, sterilization performance, disinfection requirements, breaking strength, elongation at break, filtration efficiency, flame resistance, etc., which can be divided into three aspects.


Medical protective clothing, formerly ubiquitous and disposable in the hospital environment, is now a scarce and precious commodity in many locations when it is needed most to care for highly infectious patients. An increase in medical protective clothing supply in response to this new demand will require a large increase in medical protective clothing manufacturing, a process that will take time many health care systems do not have, given the rapid increase in ill COVID-19 patients, We also provide Non-woven Face Mask, Nanoporous Face Mask.


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